Working with content

This chapter shows you how to edit content

webnodes edit overviewwebnodes edit overview

Site structure content hierarchy

The site structure tree view holds all the items in your website. This structure does not nescessrarly reflect the menu on your website as Webnodes has many ways of showing the articles and other content. Webnodes is a relational content structure and the site may be setup with many different perspectives, views or facets to view the content by.


The module listing at the top of the Edit interface shows what modules are installed with your site setup. Some of these, such as the content module are default while other may be added by developers.

Main toolbar

The page editing main toolbar holds important buttons for saving and deleting the article.  

Page title

The page title is what gets shown in menus of the website. There is also a field named 'long title' under the options tab. If the long title is entered then this value will be displayed instead of the page title as the articles main heading on the website.  

Content tabs

The content tabs are used to chunk information together, without it the view would be very long and not very user-friendly. Please note that if there are content types that inherit from other types each type (content class) will be presented with its fields in a separate tab.     

Content fields

The content fields differ between site installations. You may have very different content fields than are shown in the screenshot above. 

Content editor

Most pages have atleast one HTML content field this field is most often used as the body text of an article. 

Relational field

Depending on your site setup a content item may contain one or more relational fields. These fields let you pick from a list of other items in order to create a logical relation between the two content items.

The content editor view menu

The content tree view menu allows you to get additional information presented in the content edit interface. 

Content item view menuContent item view menu

Show deleted content Show deleted items in content tree. Items will be shown in red. 
Show unpublished content Show unpublished and draft versions in content tree. Items will be shown in light blue color.
Show IDs in treeview Show node id in front of node name in content tree.   
Show advanced property options Show additional information on inheritance on fields. For administrators this indicator will also act as a context menu to allow for inheritance settings.  
Content link paragraph Show node relations in graph visualization.