Webnodes would hereby like to congratulate OXX+Webscape as our first premium Certified Partner.

Oslo, Norway - June 2011 – 11 highly qualified .Net developers from OXX+Webscape have successfully completed the Webnodes certification course


OXX Webscape is our first premium certified partner as 11 .Net developers, from the newly merged companies OXX and Webscape, now have complete our certification course. OXX Webscape is therefore our first premium partner, now with more than 10 certified Webnodes CMS developers.

OXX Webscape- is focused on building web applications and tailor-made web solutions based on the Webnodes CMS platform for their Norwegian clients. Together they have a strong knowledge on the Webnodes CMS platform and web development in general.

We look forward to explore the future within web development together with our first premium partner.


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