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Webnodes presented at the OData meetup at Microsoft HQ in Redmond

vidar_odata_meetup1vidar_odata_meetup1In March our Chief Developer Vidar Langberget was invited to Seattle to participate and present at the first OData meetup organised by Microsoft. 

Vidar was asked to give a presentation on how Webnodes CMS had implemented OData, and to show some user cases. The presentation was recorded and you can watch it on Microsoft's Channel9 site.

Several other companies participated at the meetup for example SAP, IBM and Citrix. It was interesting to see how these global companies have adopted OData at the very core of many of their products and services.

With OData version 3, that was released April, OData is in our opinion taking a big step towards becoming more semantically oriented, with support for i.e. vocabularies etc. 

We at Webnodes have a strong belief in the future of OData, and have already used in several client projects. The advantage with OData is its ease of use (over more advanced Semantic Web standards), and its support in consumer products like Microsoft Excel etc.

The invitation to participate in the OData meetup have given Webnodes the opportunity to have an insight in the future plans for OData and to influence on important decisions for the future.

The Open Data Protocol (OData) is an open web protocol for querying and updating data. The protocol allows for a consumer to query a data source over the HTTP protocol and get the result back in formats like Atom, JSON or plain XML, including pagination, ordering or filtering of the data. It enables true multichannel publishing, and it also excels at integrations.

You can find out more information about OData at

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