Webnodes AS announces version 4.0 of Webnodes Semantic CMS

Oslo, Norway - 28 June 2012 – Webnodes AS, a company developing a .NET based semantic content management system, today announced the release of version 4.0 of their CMS, with significant performance and scalability improvements, overhaul of the e-mail marketing module, a video provider system and a number of improvements to the content editing experience for editors.

Performance and scalability improvements

The performance and scalability of Webnodes CMS has been significantly improved since the last release. The efforts have been focused in two mains areas: increasing the number of content objects the system can comfortably handle, and raw performance of servicing a particular page request. Webnodes now works very well with more than 10 million content objects, and performance has been improved in a number of areas. We’ve seen live Webnodes sites improving the server side time with up to 300% with the improvements in this release.

“Webnodes already had class leading performance and scalability. Some of the Webnodes enterprise projects in development estimate millions of page views per day, and millions of content objects. This introduces a new set of challenges, and we have spent significant resources on further optimizing the core system", said Ole Gulbrandsen, CTO of Webnodes.

“We are very happy with the results, both in terms of raw performance, but also how much content we can store in the system. Many people are claiming that big data is just a big buzzword, but we are seeing massive increases in the amount of storage companies need to store in their CMS. In our experience this is mainly due to the fact that websites are increasingly becoming web applications as companies are doing more and more of their business through their website and CMS.”

E-mail marketing module overhaul

The email marketing module in Webnodes is one of the most used modules after the main content module.  Even though email marketing has lost some of the buzz it had, it’s still very important to a wide range of businesses for driving traffic to their websites.

This version of the email marketing module is completely revamped, including a much better user interface, better analytics and it’s much easier to get started with the module.

In addition to this, Webnodes CMS now ships with email providers for Mailgun and SendGrid out of the box, to improve deliverability of emails sent, both from the email marketing module, but also general transactional email from the rest of the system.

Video provider system

Webnodes now includes a new video provider system. The provider system enables users to upload files as they usually do in Webnodes. Behind the scenes Webnodes uploads the file to the selected video service (for example YouTube) that then converts and hosts the file for streaming. Editors work with video files in the same easy way as they are used to. It also means that Webnodes fully support both flash and html video playback, when using a provider that supports both.


This release includes a number of improvements and tweaks to the editor experience. One of the most obvious is the support for oEmbed that enables editors to easily embed resources like photos, video, links and other forms of media from other websites. Webnodes CMS lets you embed oEmbed objects from native providers such as YouTube, as well as more than 200 providers through Embed.ly.

About Webnodes CMS

Webnodes CMS is a unique .NET based web content management (WCM) system powered by an ORM-based semantic content engine. It has been designed for the future of content management where taking advantage of structured content and the semantic web is a key to delivering value to the customer.

About Webnodes AS

Webnodes AS (www.webnodes.com) is a Norwegian software company developing and distributing Webnodes CMS. Webnodes’ customers cover a wide range of industries, from small companies with advanced needs, to large and multinational corporations with more complex web presences. The company is founded on 10 years of experience developing advanced web content management systems.

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