Webnodes AS announces the release of version 4.8

Oslo, Norway - 28 April 2014 – Webnodes AS, a company developing a .NET based semantic content management system and e-commerce platform, today announced the release of version 4.8, with an improved search engine, the first parts of their Visitor Engagement Platform and a new improved editor.

"This release includes features we’ve worked on for a long time, and it offers several benefits for our existing and new customers ", said Ole Gulbrandsen, CTO of Webnodes. “In our continued effort to improve our software, we have added improvements on all levels. Visitors get an improved user experience from the search improvements and the personalization engine. Developers get to use the latest technology and a much better faceted search API. Content editors will get a much-improved editor, a translated UI and the power to tailor the marketing/message to visitor segments in a user-friendly interface. All of these improvements combined with the features planned for the next release means that we are manifesting ourselves as the most innovative Web Content Management System in the mid-tier segment.”

Improved search engine

The search engine in Webnodes got two major improvements in this release.

Faceted search.
Faceted search is an important search technology that improves the findability of content on a website. It combines many of the best features of both browsing and searching.

Webnodes have supported faceted search since we introduced Lucene many years ago, but it involved a complex low-level job. With the new faceted search API, it is very simple to create search pages with facets.

Predictive Intent search algorithm.
Search is an important part of modern websites. A common problem with search is that incorrect searches (spelling errors, wrong search terms) often get zero results. The improved search engine in Webnodes has a new algorithm that tries to predict the intent of a given search. Behind the scenes, the new algorithm performs an analysis.  It can return the unaltered search results, automatically change the search term and results or suggest other search terms that might give better results. The algorithm looks at different factors, including spelling, synonyms, number of results and historic search behaviour.

Segmentation and personalization

New in this release are the first parts of Webnodes’ Visitor Engagement Platform (VEP). The various components of the Visitor Engagement Platform will be rolled out over the coming releases, and fulfil Webnodes’ long-term vision for visitor- and customer engagement.  

The first release of the Visitor Engagement Platform includes an advanced, but user-friendly segmentation and personalization engine.

“When we planned the features and roadmap of our VEP, we quickly decided that we wanted to release the segmentation and personalization engine first,” said Vidar Langberget, Head of Web Engagement and E-Commerce at Webnodes AS. “Enabling editors to personalize their website in a user-friendly interface without involvement from IT saves a lot of time and money, while allowing our customers to continuously improve visitor engagement.”

New WYSIWYG editor

An important part of a CMS and E-commerce solution is the WYSIWYG editor that enable content contributors to edit content in a word like interface. Webnodes uses a heavily customized version of the TinyMCE editor, which is one of the most popular editors on the market. Version 4 is a total rewrite of the old TinyMCE, and the new editor have many improvements, including an automatic html cleaner function that works very well across different browsers. No more problems or special steps when pasting from word.

.Net 4.5.1 and MVC 5 support

ASP.NET MVC has become a popular framework for developing Webnodes websites. With this release, we now support ASP.Net MVC 5 and .Net 4.5.1. This enable developers to utilize the latest technologies from Microsoft.

Many other improvements

In addition to the improvements described above, the release also contains a host of minor improvements. One of these improvements is a new system to handle UI translations. Shipping today is English and Norwegian, but French, German, Finnish and Spanish translations are coming soon.

About Webnodes CMS

Webnodes CMS is a .NET based web content management (WCM) system powered by Webnodes Semantic Content Engine. Designed for the future of content management where taking advantage of structured content by using a content graph is a key to delivering value to the customer.

About Webnodes E-commerce

Webnodes E-commerce is a unique .NET based E-commerce platform powered by Webnodes Semantic Content Engine. It offers the ultimate in flexibility and extensibility.  

About Webnodes AS

Webnodes AS (www.webnodes.com) is a Norwegian software company developing and distributing Webnodes CMS and Webnodes E-commerce. Our customers cover a wide range of industries, from small companies with advanced needs, to large and multinational corporations with complex web presences. The company is founded on 14 years of experience developing advanced web content management systems and e-commerce solutions

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