Webnodes announces support for OData in their semantic CMS

Oslo, Norway - 10 February 2011 – Webnodes AS, a company developing an ASP.NET based semantic content management system, today announced full support for OData in the newest release of their CMS.

Built-in OData support

In the latest version of Webnodes CMS, there’s built-in support for creating OData feeds. OData, also called the Open Data Protocol is an open protocol for sharing content. Content is shared using tried and tested web standards, and makes it easy to access the information from a variety of applications, services, and stores. 

 “OData is a new technology that we believe strongly in”, said Ole Gulbrandsen, CTO of Webnodes. “It’s a big step forward for sharing of data on the web.”

Share content between web and mobile apps

One of the many uses for OData is integration of website content with mobile apps. OData exposes content in a standard format that can be easily used on popular mobile platforms like iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Phone 7.

First step towards the semantic web

While OData is not seen as a semantic standard by most people, Webnodes see it as the first big step towards the semantic web. The gap between the current status quo, where websites are mostly separate data silos and the vision for the semantic web is huge. OData brings the data out of the data silos and onto the web in a standard format to be shared. This bridges the gap significantly, and brings the semantic web a lot closer to reality after many years as the next big technology.

About Webnodes CMS
Webnodes CMS is a unique ASP.NET based web content management system that is built on a flexible semantic content engine.  The CMS is based on Webnodes’ 10 years of experience developing advanced web content management systems.

About Webnodes AS
Webnodes AS (www.webnodes.com) is the developer of the world class semantic web content management system Webnodes CMS, which enable companies to develop and use innovative and class leading websites. Webnodes is located in Oslo, Norway. Webnodes has implementation partners around the world.

Media contact:
Fredrik Thrane Holst
Managing director Webnodes AS
+47 916 29 681 

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