The Information Office for Color and Interior ( launches a new website based on Webnodes CMS.

Oslo, Norway – 13th of October 2011 – is now launched. The new website is a result from the cooperation between Webnodes and Tieto Norway.

Improved functionality

Tieto has designed and implemented the new website based on Webnodes CMS. The project has involved expanded functionality and new features for more than 70 000 monthly visitors to the website.

“ is a modern website that provides the users with several new opportunities and increased user-friendliness”, says Dennis Banelind, Head of Service Design in Tieto, and adds: “The new website will, among other things, allow users to make short memos or list of products that are referred to in the articles. All products listed, can then be purchased for the users own renovation projects later on. The new website also allows users to easily find relevant shops in their local area, and to find out where they are located on the map. The IFI website also has an improved and user-friendly way of sharing content with other social media platforms.”

Available on multiple devices

“The new web solution will be available on different tablets and mobile devices”, says Banelind. “With the recent development within mobile devices, it’s natural that different tablets or smartphones can access a customized version of any web page”.

“ aims to inspire and always have information available on any device free of choice. IFI is a small organization that must ensure that the content on the web is updated and available at any time, and that news is published on time. Webnodes CMS is intuitive and efficient to use, and an important tool for us to reach our goals. We also wanted to make sure that we as an organization adapted to new usage patterns, and to make sure that our services are available where and when users need them”,

“Our customers tend to plan and make their renovation decisions when they see something they like, or when they are in the shop, and then we must be there for them to support their decisions”, says Kristian Owren, Marketing manager and webmaster of the IFI .

The partnership with Tieto Norway

The partnership with Tieto Norway opens up new opportunities for both parties. Tieto is Northern Europe's leading IT services company.
“Tieto's size and scope has given Webnodes a strong implementation and technology partner for larger web projects with handling of complex data and various integrations. They have the organization and the technical skills in place to handle any kind of advanced web development”, says CEO at Webnodes, Fredrik Holst Thrane, and adds:.

“Apart from the web publishing features in Webnodes, the Webnodes software is also a powerful data engagement platform for easy and universal integration for any type of data. Many organizations don’t realize the value of their structured data that they possess from many types of source and back-end systems. As partners we can now offer the market advanced web solutions that have the ability to publish these data as content on the web, without losing its original structure. Structured data are, among other things, important for SEO, easy integrations with other systems and for extracting content presentation for any device”.

For more information please contact:

Kolbjørn Haarr, Managing Director, Tieto Norway, tel + 47 970 57 834,  

Dennis Banelind, Head of Service Design, Tieto Norway, tel + 47 908 26 031

Trude Martinsen Brun, Head of Marketing and Communicvation, Tieto Norway, +47 905 528 23,

Fredrik Thrane Holst, Managing Director, Webnodes, tel + 47 916 29 681,  

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