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Getting ready for the Gilbane Boston conference

OlePresentationOlePresentationWebnodes will be attending the Gilbane Boston conference in Boston on the 30th of November and 1st of December. Our CTO Ole Gulbrandsen will do a “Product Case Study” of Webnodes CMS at the conference, and we’ll have a demo booth in the exhibition area as well.

The Gilbane Boston conference is seen by many as the premier CMS conference in the US, and we’re very excited about attending. For us it’s a response to all the attention and interest we have received from the US. This is our first move towards what will become a real entry into the US market. We will be looking for partners as well as new CMS clients to increase our presence there, and to establish a sales and support office in future.  

At the moment we’re hard at work preparing for the conference. We just received new brochures from the printers yesterday, a small design tweak of our website will go live before the conference, and a lot time is spent perfecting the presentation.

We’ll be leaving Norway on Tuesday morning, and leave Boston Thursday evening, getting back to Norway on Friday morning, so it’ll be a very hectic schedule. But if you want to meet us and/or get a demo of Webnodes while we’re in Boston, please get in touch, and we’ll try to arrange something. If you just want to grab a beer or coffee and talk about content management or semantic technologies, we’re open for suggestions!

We also have a few free conference passes for people that are interesting to come to the conference, so if you want to go to Gilbane, just contact us and explain your interests, and we’ll provide you with a free pass.

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