The file library

The file library is a shared repository of files that you can reuse throughout your web site

Managing files in the file library

You can upload single files or multiple files by uploading zip archives. Create new folders and organize the different files under different folders as you like.

file libraryfile library

Files stored in the file library can be accessed and reused by many content items. 

The file library itself is a traditional file system, organized with different file folders, as you would like to organize them. You can access the file library by selecting the file folder icon on the top of your edit page, as shown with the red circle above.

Double click on a file to view additional advanced settings for the file. 

The button titled 'More options >>' can be used to filter, search and change the view of the file library.  

Using files from the file library

If you want to upload a file while editing an article, you can choose to upload the file as part of the article you are editing, or as part of the shared  file library. Files stored directly on the article can only be accessed from that particular article.

Links to file libraryLinks to file library

When choosing a file from the file library you will be asked to use a copy of the file or a reference of the file. Choose reference if you would like to make a pointer to the file rather than a duplicate copy. A reference will enable you to change the file once and have changes propagate to all content items using the file.