Terms and definitions

This page gives an introduction to common terms and concepts in the Webnodes CMS.

Concept Description
CMS Webnodes CMS is a Content Management System. It is the software that your site runs on.
Editor A person editing the website.
Webmaster /
A person responsible for maintaining one or more websites.
Edit interface The online editing tool of the CMS that you use to manage content.
Developer Web developers implement web sites. These are programmers who creates the site running on Webnodes CMS. 
Node /
Content item 
In Webnodes we use the term Node to refer to any manageable content item or record. Webnodes is a generic CMS framework and not all content has to be an article with a one to one mapping to a physical page on the website.   
Web page  A web page is one single page of a web site. Each web page has a unique address.  
Web site  A site is a collection of web pages. It has a distinct domain name.   
Webfarm  A web farm is a collection of web sites. A web farm is used by organizations that have several sites at different URL's but running on the same CMS setup.  
Content type A content type describes the structure of a node. For example if your site is a restaurant review site you may have nodes that represents particular restaurants. The content type would hold the description of typical data of restaurants (metadata). For example a restaurant may have data such as address, cuisine, opening hours etc. these fields would be configured in the restaurant content type. 
Template All pages of a Webnodes site are rendered using templates. A template holds all the layout and styling. Content is rendered by reading data from the database and by applying templates onto this data. The result is the visual web page that you see on your web site. Templates are setup by developers.   
WYSIWYG editor A field for editing rich content. It provides What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get-preview as you edit.   
Publish In Webnodes CMS this is the act of putting a node online, making it visible for one or more people on the Internet.  
Context menu This is additional menu items specific to a particular object or feature. On Windows this is enabled by clicking the right mouse button on the specific field/object. More information on context menus at Wikipedia.