Technology Partners

We at Webnodes want to support companies that we believe in, either because they have an interesting product or service, or if they have unique knowledge/skills within their domain.

Our technology partners are not necessarily Webnodes CMS partners. Very often (but not always) they provide a service that is somehow related to our CMS, or to the semantic web. 

In this section we just simply want to better inform clients about value-added products or services available to them, through our technology partnerships

VelocityDB - a C# .NET NoSQL Object and Graph DB

Velocity graphWebnodes have worked with VelocityDB over the last year to develop the graph functionality for VelocityDB, under the VelocityGraph name. VelocityGraph is now an integrated storage engine in Webnodes, providing unique functionality for Webnodes Platinum customers. 

Webnodes will use the graph database to improve Business Intelligence/Analytics, -product recommendations and -personalization of content. Competing solutions normally use a relational database, but they struggle to cope with the huge amounts of data such solutions accumulate over time. Graph databases excel at making big data appear small, and can give you insights from big and complex data in milliseconds. 

The development team at VelocityDB has proven to be extremely competent and flexible to work with. We can therefore recommend (independently of Webnodes) to have a look at VelocityDB, as an alternative .Net NoSQL data store or graph store.  

Hepp Research - Consulting and Development Services

martin heppmartin heppDr. Martin Hepp is the founder of Hepp Research, and holds a PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of Würzburg (Germany)

His major research interest is Semantics in Business Information Systems, especially the use of ontologies for advancement in the automation of all steps in the life-cycle of business processes.

Martin is an internationally known person within the semantic web community. He has (among many things) developed the GoodRelations vocabulary for e-commerce.

Webnodes has enjoyed following some of Martins presentation on topics like Semantic SEO, Structured Data and Web of Data. Lately we also had the opportunity to work together and share experiences and exchange ideas in a research project. 
Heep ResearchHeep ResearchHeep Research
We strongly recommend Hepp Research for Consulting and Development Services. If you want to learn more about the Semantic Web and opportunities it might offer your web strategies, he is defiantly the man to talk to. Learn more at -->