Support and training


  • We strive to offer fast and qualified support. Support is free for issues directly related to Webnodes. Support is provided through
  • After submitting your request, support will be available via mail, chat, phone and/or skype, normally within 1-2 working hours.


  • Partners can send a request for training, via the Webnodes support center. A "crash course" of two sessions (one hour each session) will then be provided up on agreement, via Skype and/or video conference.
  • Partners are also invited to come to the Webnodes' offices in Norway to participate in the training with our senior developers. Cost of traveling and accommodation is not included in the training.


  • Developers manual- extensive documentation and user manual is available for download to partners
  • Developers quick guide- a quick introduction on how to get started with the most essential information on the Webnodes semantic CMS, is also available for download to partners
  • Sales and marketing materiel will be available for download to partners at