Short cut keys

Webnodes CMS provide a few short cut keys to make text editing faster

Short cut listing

Short cut key Description
Ctrl + b  Toggle bold text formatting
Ctrl + i  Toggle italic text formatting
Ctrl + u  Toggle underline text formatting
Ctrl + k  Insert or edit hyperlink in WYSIWYG editor
Ctrl + (1-6) Toggle heading 1-6
Ctrl + c  Copy 
Ctrl + v Paste
Ctrl + x Cut 
Ctrl + f  Find (search for text) 
Ctrl + z  Undo 
Ctrl + y  Redo 
Ctrl + s Save

For text formatting short cuts to work you will first need to select the text for you want to format.

Some of these sort cuts will override default actions for your browser or operating system. Some of the short cuts will act differently depending on what type of input field your cursor is on. 

Other useful short cuts

These are not part of the Webnodes CMS but we still include them here as they are very useful for editors. Some of these might behave differently depending on your operating system and browser. 

Short cut key Description 
Ctrl + (+ - 0)  Zoom browser window, 0=reset zoom 
Ctrl + n  New browser window
Ctrl + tab Toggle tab in current browser 
F11  Full screen view
Prt Scr Print screen / screen capture. Useful if you have problems and want to provide an image of what you see on your screen.