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Rich snippets are now enabled automatically.

A big stumbling block for the adoption of and other technologies supported by Rich Snippets from Google has been that it's a manual approval process. In a Google+ Hangout today, famous googler Matt Cutts said that Rich Snippets are now enabled automatically. 

The arguments against automatic enabling of Rich Snippets has previously been that many will try to take advantage of the system (by adding fake content to the markup) to get better ranking and more traffic. Matt warned that those cheating would be severely punished, and that they would add a form for reporting abuse.

This is REALLY good news for the adoption of Since it has been a manual process until now, even if you invested time and money in adding markup, you had no guarantee that Google would take advantage of it. With Rich snippets being enabled automatically, the value proposition for adding to your website is much better.

Really good news!

We've previously published quite a bit of information on the benefits of

For more technical information on how it works in our system, take a look at the section of the developer site.

Posted by: Vidar Langberget
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