Selected references

reference_hotellno2breference_hotellno2b  Save the childrenSave the children handles more than 70 000 hotels worldwide in their booking system. The project involved integration from various sources of data in one integrated solution. This is a type of project where you would normally not consider a traditional CMS, but Webnodes can handle structured data, and can act as an integration hub before exposing these data on the web.

Save the Children Foundation Norway
Save the Children is a triple net solution for fundraising and charity projects to help children around the world. Visitors can donate charity funds through the website. The web solution has a two-way integrations with back-end systems like Hummingbird in addition to other back-end/ERP systems etc. It has a single-sign-on for all editors and intranet users.

econaeconaecona IfiIfi

Econa is the Norwegian association for MBA and others with a master's degree in fields related to management, economics and business administration. Econa has 17.000 members, of whom 3.500 are students at Norwegian and international business schools.

The web solution manages online voting processes for a wide range of positions within the organization, as well as different social media functions. The newsletter module keeps track of all communications with its members, and sends out customized content for selected groups. The CMS is an integration hub for various integrations with CRM and other back-end systems.

The Information Office for Color and Interior
The Information Office for Color and Interior ( is a modern website that provides the users with several opportunities and increased user-friendliness. The website allow users to make short memos or list of products that are referred to in the articles. All products listed, can then be purchased for the users own renovation projects later on. The website also allows users to easily find relevant shops in their local area, and to find out where they are located on the map.

The web solution is available on different tablets and mobile devices.

aibnaibn diplomisdiplomis

The Accident Investigation Board Norway
The Accident Investigation Board Norway is a public committee of inquiry. The purpose of AIBN investigations is to clarify the sequence of events and factors which are assumed to be of importance for the prevention of transport accidents. The site is an excellent example of an organization that needs to open up their data and share (in this case; reports) with the public.

Webnodes is the front-end layer that enables AIBN to share and expose their different reports on the web. In addition to advanced search and filtering options to find relevant accidents reports, the system also have a relation based navigation option, where the user can find all related reports to a specific accident, place or date etc..

Diplom-Is AS
Diplom-Is is a wholly owned subsidiary of TINE BA, and is a market leader within the ice cream market in Norway. They have a market share above 50 percent of the Norwegian ice cream market. They manufacture and promote ice cream and frozen desserts within a variety of different brands. The web solution is a triple-net solution with a website and social media functions, an intranet for employees and an extranet for wholesalers that can place their orders.

In addition our partner Oxx Webscape have developed a custom media asset management system using the built-in media capabilities in Webnodes. Using the system they can share their media- and promotion material with their B2B customers.

SOSbarnebyerSOSbarnebyer NproNpro

SOS Barnebyer
SOS Barnebyer provides the most vulnerable children
a family and a safe home, and help them shape their own future and to take part in the development of their communities.

The web solution has an online fundrasing feature. Visitors can also sponsor a specific community or a specific child.The website has a deep integration with their CRM system. The website also utilizes the newsletter module in Webnodes to provide personalized communication with their sponsors about their specific projects.

Norwegian Property
Norwegian Property is a pure play property company
focused on the office sector. The company has in-house competence on both property development and property management. Measured by portfolio value, Norwegian Property is one of the largest listed property companies in the Nordic region. The web solution is mainly used to expose their property portfolio, and capture interest from potential customers.

They also use the web solution as an investor relation platform to communicate with their shareholders according to the rules and regulations provided by the Oslo Stock Exchange

romeiendomromeiendom arkitektnyttarkitektnyttarkitektnytt

Rom Eiendom
Rom Eiendom is one of the larger property companies in Norway. Their core activities are interchangeable hubs development, property development, railway station development and property ownership, management, operation and maintenance. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwegian State Railways. Rom owns more than 900 properties, 350 stations, 730 000m2 of site areas, and manages more than 3 300 lease contracts. All these real-estates are organized in the Webnodes CMS. Properties for sale or vacant for rent, are listed in different categories on the their website, as well as on automatized publications to third party and independent classifieds like

Arkitektnytt is an editorially independent magazine focusing on architecture news. The magazine is also published on the web, in addition to being distributed in a printed format every month. The readers are mainly planners, architects, interior designers and landscape architects. Besides being a news magazine, the web site is an important arena for debate and discussions using various social media platforms, integrated with the web solution. In this case the Webnodes CMS has been developed to handle publishing of multiple news and articles by many different editors.
obos magicmagicmagic

From modest beginnings in 1929, OBOS has become the largest Nordic cooperative building association. Today OBOS is owned by its 300.000 members. OBOS has built more than 100,000 homes, organized into near 400 associated cooperatives. OBOS also offers services, maintenance and renovation. OBOS is manageing more than 2 000 cooperatives and condominiums. The OBOS Group included 18 wholly-owned subsidiaries employing more than 900 people. In 2013 OBOS also opened Internet banking and mobile banking systems to its members. The entire OBOS web solution is running on Webnodes technology. is the largest “alternative” website in Norway. Their web solution based on Webnodes CMS is a portal to the alternative market. Magic have more than 30,000 daily readers who can access a wide range of daily and weekly horoscopes from e.g. Hai Lee Yang. They also offer a range of different prediction services and hypnotherapy products. The Magic Magazine is published in the portal’s news section, as well as being distributed in a printed format every second month.

National Association of Norwegian Architects
National Association of Norwegian Architects was founded in 19111, and is a membership organization for Norwegian architects. The website promote good architecture and architects shared interests. It is also a community of approx. 4 300 professional architects, as well as some students. NAL has 14 local associations that are managed locally. The central administration consists of 35 employees. NAL holds an Eco-Lighthouse certification from 2008 and became an IA company in April 2010.

The web solution is a large and tightly integrated network of several sites, databases and associated members/users. They organize several courses and conferences, all managed via de CMS administration interface. The web sites source its content from many different sources and databases. As part of their knowledge sharing program, they have chosen to expose and share some of these data (EcoBox project database is exposed as an OData endpoints, a feature built-in to Webnodes CMS.