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Box2Box2Box2Box2Box2Box2Box2Box2Box2Our license system is parameter based. That means you can combine different packages and upgrades to suit your specific needs. You need one license for each installation (IIS app/site, not server). You can host multiple sites in one installation, but they will share the same data model. The prices below are a onetime cost invoiced at time of purchase. In addition to this cost comes a yearly and mandatory subscription fee invoiced in January. The subscription fee is 20% of the license. PaymentMethodsPaymentMethods

                                       CMS Gold CMS Platinum Commerce Gold Commerce Platinum Intranett Gold Intranett Platinum Collaboration Gold Collaboration Platinum Enterprise
License fee Kr 50 000Kr 100 000Kr 70 000Kr 130 000Kr 50 000Kr 100 000Kr 60 000Kr 120 000Kr 350 000
Installations 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 12
Sites 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 33
Editors * 20unlimited 20unlimited 20unlimited 20unlimitedunlimited
Members * 1001 000unlimitedunlimited 100unlimited10 000unlimitedunlimited
Content sync. 
OData endpoint 
Graph Store 
Mobile publishing 
Dev. & staging 
Active Directory       
Load balancing         

Optional Services

SMS/MMS module 
Video encoding 


Forms module 
Media library 
E-mail marketing 
Content module 
Wastebin module 
Users and Groups 
Forum module    
Blog module    
Socialmedia pub.     
Socialmedia auth.       


Payment integration       
VAT/Tax handling       
Product variants       
Discount system       
Freight cost       
Stock status       
Business intel.        
License fee Kr 50 000Kr 100 000Kr 70 000Kr 130 000Kr 50 000Kr 100 000Kr 60 000Kr 120 000Kr 350 000

Additional sites 1
License fee per siteKr 25 000
Add-on modules
Segmentation module
Kr 50 000
Blog module
Kr 10 000
Forum module
Kr 10 000
Forms module
Kr 10 000
Newsletter module
Kr 10 000
White label agreement
Kr 20 000

* Anonymous users are not counted and are always unlimited. Editors can access the admin interface to edit articles etc. Authenticated users are members of an intranet or other forum/extranet users that can log in to the web page to view pages with restricted access.

** A basic Enterprise license supports two installations (for load-balancing or replication). Each additional installation can be purchased for 25% of the basic Enterprise license cost.