Price list

Our license system is parameter based, so there are basically an unlimited number of different licenses to meet any of your needs.

But to make it easier for those not familiar with Webnodes CMS, we have also created 4 predefined packages that we believe will be suitable for most needs.

Predefined packages

Promotions and limitations Free  Bronze  Silver Gold  Platinum
Technical support for setup and implementation No  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of sites per installation 1 1 2 5 unlimited
Number of primary domains (URL) per installation 1 1 2 5 unlimited
Number of edit users per installation 1 10 25 50 unlimited
Number of visit users (Intra-/extranet) 1 50  100 500 unlimited
Amount of documents per installation 100 250 500 unlimited unlimited
License fee $0 $2,500 $3,950 $7,300 $11,900

Remember that you can always come back and upgrade your license to another package, or add a single component to your existing license, at any time. For example if you start with the Bronze edition, you can come back a week later and purchase 25 additional users to your Bronze edition license.

Package upgrades

Additional sites per installation 2 5 unlimited
License cost $900 $2,125 $4,200
Additional primary domains (URL) per installation 2 5 unlimited
License cost $126 $298 $700
Additional edit users per installation 25 50 unlimited
License cost $675 $1,275 $2,800
Additional visit users (Intra/extra net) 100 500 unlimited
License cost $90 $425 $1,400
Additional document types per installation 500 1 000 unlimited
License cost $450 $850 $1,400

Add-on modules

Module / New functionality  Price   Comments
Blog module $500   generate and manage your own blogs
Forums module  $500   closed or open discussions forums, Q&A 
Newsletter module $1,000   create and distribute NL and get statistics etc.
Booking/Calendar module  $500   book seminars, events etc. at your site
E-commerce module $1,000   sell your products and/or services online
SMS/MMS module   $500   send/receive SMS/MMS through your CMS
Forms module $1,000   design, create and manage your multiple forms
White label agreement*  $2,000   feel free to brand this CMS as your own

*White Label (Partners only)