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Presentation from Gilbane Boston 2012

Hi, we just got back from the Gilbane Boston CMS conference 2012


During the conference we held a presentation titled:
"The value of Structured Data in Content Management Systems"

The topic was how the datamodelling capabilities of your CMS deeply improve the functionality of your CMS and help you attain the key goals of our website:

  • Capture new customers
  • Engage your customers
  • Retain and inspire loyalty in your visitors

The presentation contains several examples of websites using the Webnodes CMS.

It was a very interesting conference for us and we made lots of new contacts and got some interesting leads on new projects. We will make a post later on with more details.

You can download the PowerPoint here:

 Gilbane Boston 2012.pptx

Posted by: Ole Gulbrandsen
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