Organizing content items

This chapter you will learn how to move, reorder, copy and delete pages.

Be aware that moving or deleting pages can break links from other pages on this or other sites. If other pages link to your page and you move or delete that page the origin link will no longer work. 

If you are renaming the title of a content item, the URL of the corresponding page will also change. The URL is the web address of your web page. To change the title of the page but not the URL follow this procedure.

  1. Find the URL of the page (2) on the meta-tab. Copy the URL.
  2. Change the title (1).
  3. Uncheck the 'Automatic meta title'-checkbox and paste in the old address (3). 

Renaming a content item but keeping the old urlRenaming a content item but keeping the old url

Your page will now live at the old address but have a new title.