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Microsoft uses Webnodes CMS for OData demo at Mix conference

Microsoft’s Mix11 conference was held in Las Vegas from the 12th to the 14th of April 2011. Mix is one of the 3 big conferences that Microsoft arranges, and it has a distinct web focus. The other two big conferences are PDC (Professional Developers Conference) and Tech-Ed.

Mix11 had 125 sessions. One of the sessions was held by Mike Flasko, a Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft for the OData and the WCF Data Services Framework teams at Microsoft. The session was called "OData in Action: Connecting Any Data Source to Any Device". To demonstrate how OData can help you break out the the "application silos", he chose to use Webnodes as an example.

The video of the part where he talks about Webnodes:

You can view the whole session here at Channel 9.

Some screenshots from the video:






Posted by: Vidar Langberget
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