If you want to search for any type of content to edit, you can do so from the edit interface as shown above. You will then get a list of all relevant content, and you can then select the content that you want to edit directly from that list.

If you need more advanced search options or if you don’t find what you are searching for in the dropdown list, you can click on the search icon, and the search for content dialog window pops up as shown below.

In this window you have more filtering- and search options as the illustration above shows. When your content item is found, click on it and the corresponding content item view will be loaded in the edit interface. You will now be able to edit the selected content item.

search preview editsearch preview edit

You can also find the article by using the site search function from preview mode. When you have located the page of interest, simply click on the edit icon in the preview toolbar. The particular article will be opened for editing.