Formatting content

This chapter shows how to format content in the WYSIWYG rich text editor

Most of the interface should be intuitive, and familiar from MS Word. However there are some minor differences when editing content in HTML from MS Word. For example line spacing. In the WYSIWYG editor when hitting the return key, you will get a double line space (new paragraph) by default. In order to get a single line space (as you would normally get in MS Word) you need to hold the shift key down while hitting the return key, then the WYSIWYG editor will create a line break (that looks like a single line space) instead of a paragraph break. 


When working with an HTML editor always save your changes with regular intervals and before navigating to another content item. If you move to another content item, unsaved changes will be lost.

WYSIWYG editor toolbar buttons

wysiwyg ditor toolbarwysiwyg ditor toolbar