AIB Norway

The Accident Investigation Board Norway's website is mainly visited for their reports on traffic accidents in Norway. Journalists are some of the most frequent visitors and and the site has a unique visual report search feature.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway has been a customer since 2004, and upgraded to Webnodes CMS from our previous CMS platform in 2009. The Accident Investigation Board Norway area of responsibility is:

"The Accident Investigation Board Norway is a public committee of inquiry. The purpose of AIBN investigations is to clarify the sequence of events and factors which are assumed to be of importance for the prevention of transport accidents. The AIBN shall not apportion blame or liability."

AIBN published reports in 4 transport sectors: 
  •  Aviation
  • Railroad
  • Marine
  • Road traffic

AIBN have published more than 1200 reports in the 4 sectors above. One of the major goals of the project was to make the search functionality powerful and easy to use. The advanced search page has up to 15 different filters, depending on the transport sector in question. The filters are specific to the current sector.

In addition to the normal and advanced search for reports, the site has a innovative visual report visualizer. The visualizer show how the reports are connected together. For example, aviation reports have relationship between airport and report. Using the visualizer, it's easy to select the airport, and get a visual representation of the reports connected to that airport. Another example might be that you want to know which incidents a specific aircraft type has been involved in. By navigating with the visualizer, you'll get to that information with a few clicks.