The newsletter module is as the tin says, a module for sending out newsletters to a list of recipients.

Underrated as a promotion and communication medium

Due to the spam problems that have plagued the internet in the last decade, many people wrongly dismisses all newsletters as spam. But the fact is that no other method of communication have a similar return on investment as newsletters.

We have several customers that live almost exclusively on the the traffic and business generated by their newsletters. The cost of sending a newsletter is very low, and the potential ROI can be huge.

Simple to use for end-users

A key goal during the development of the newsletter module was to enable regular editors to create and send newsletters without a lengthy training. This is achieved by creating the content for a newsletter in the same way they create normal content for the website. The only things they need to learn is the sending process itself. The process of sending is basically to fill out a form, where you write the subject of the newsletter, select the content to send and select the recipients.  

Scalable - adapts to your needs

A newsletter in our newsletter module can be many things. It can be a list of the latest news to a complex newsletter with many different types of content or a simple text written specially for the newsletter in question.