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Internet World 2012

Internet World 2012 is closing up, and we at Webnodes are really excited about this year’s event. Several important happenings have increased our presence in the marketplace during the last year. One important element for our success is that the Semantic Web has really made a huge progress since last year. You can read more about this and other recent changes further down in this blog post. 

But... our main objective at Internet World this year is to talk to new implementation partners in the UK, in order to serve an increasing interest from potential UK clients.

So if you are in the business of developing web projects for UK customers, and are in the need of a more efficient and -flexible CMS with:

  • better area of usage (web applications not just pure CMS)
  • a better API and development tool
  • improved navigation and menu options
  • better search engine optimization
  • flexible and easier integration options
  • a clear separation between design, content & structure
  • better reuse of content in mobiles & tablets
  • support for the Semantic Web

….you should definitely book a meeting at our stand during the three days at Internet World or apply for partnership on our website. You are of course also very welcome to just drop by our stand E7049 for a demo.

By the way, don’t miss our presentation on the 25th at Internet World!

On Wednesday 25th of April from 12:30 – 13:00 our CTO Mr. Ole Gulbrandsen will hold a presentation at the Content Management Theatre on; the semantic web: user cases and examples on how to benefit from a semantic CMS in e-commerce and SEO

We hope you will set aside time to come and learn more about Webnodes CMS and the Semantic Web.

What’s hot news at Webnodes from the first quarter of 2012?

One of the main factors for the resent and improved semantic adaptation is the fact that larger commercial interests as i.e. Google has adopted and started to actively use Semantic Search to improve their services to the public.

With this algorithm enhancement, Google hopes to provide answers to certain queries by using structured data and leveraging semantic technology such as structured markup from the e-commerce ontology it supports (GoodRelations and

This is great news for online retailers, because their products and services can now be displayed more completely and prominently with rich snippets in search results when using structured markup.

As we always strive to stay ahead of competition, we also released our new E-commerce module V3, in March this year, with several new features and advantages for online retailers. 


How to increase the value of shared data and breaking down the complexity of web integrations!

It’s not only within the improved search that semantic technologies have been more widely adopted the last year. We have also experienced a higher demand for new ways of breaking down data silos and increasing the value of shared data with the use of semantic technologies like OData and SPARQL.

Webnodes recently participated in a large government project, sharing data on environmental friendly buildings and real-estate projects, across several governmental institutions, municipalities, financial institutions and architects, using OData. 

Webnodes also participated at the first OData meet up in March hosted by Microsoft at their head office in Seattle. Our Chief developer Mr. Vidar Langberget was asked to give a presentation on how we had implemented OData endpoints in our CMS. This presentation can now be seen on Microsoft's Channel 9.

Shortly after the meet up, OData released its version 3 with improved query support, linked data and new semantic web technologies (i.e. vocabularies).

OK, Looking forward to see you all in London next week and to elaborate further on the above mentioned.

All the best


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