Insert or modify tables

Tables are used to display information in a grid of rows and columns. Tables provide a clean way to present tabular data.

Inserting a table

Place the cursor (text marker) in the WYSIWYG editor where you would like the table to be placed in your article. Then select the table icon as shown above and the table dialog will be displayed. Here you can select some basic functions for modifying your table, or choose the advanced function in order to do more customization of your table.

Select the number of rows and columns you would like. You can then use the table wizard to style your table.

After you have added the table you can format the content in each cell as you like.

Table right click context menu

Once the table is added in the WYSIWYG editor, you can right click the mouse to modify the table directly from the edit interface.

Right click Edit tableRight click Edit table

Formatting table headers

By default the tables you add do not get any specific styling on the top rows but you typically want to have the top row assigned for descriptive text and make them appear as a heading.

This can easily be done just applying bold formatting to the top row cells. However we recommend using another approach that will change the underlying HTML mark-up and make the top row more semantic and ubiquitous. When formatting the top rows as bold there is no way for blind people who use visual aids or for other computer systems to understand that the top row is a heading row.

A better way to create a table headings is to perform the following steps

  1. Put the cursor in a cell in the top row.
  2. Use the context menu to open the cell property dialog.