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Growth in Semantic Web related conferences last 10 years

By Roy Lachica, June 15. 2012

We at Webnodes are developing a Semantic CMS and it is crucial for us to know if the Semantic Web is getting traction or not. Last year we made a popular blog post on who is using Semantic Web technologies. This time we have mapped all Semantic Web related conference events over the last ten years. 

The graph below shows conferences where the main topic is (or closely related to) the Semantic Web. For further selection criteria see bottom of page.















About the study

Conferences were counted by searching online for conferences, by browsing research papers and conference listings as well as publication databases.

Selection criteria

One of the following three criteria had to be met:

  • The conference title contained the term ‘Semantic Web’ or
  • The conference call for papers/topics section contained one or more predefined keywords [2] or
  • The conference call for papers/topics section contained the term Ontology and 2 or more submitted papers for conference proceedings was about one or more of the predefined keywords [2].

Exclusion criteria (events not counted)

  • Workshops that are part of a bigger conference.
  • Conferences that are co-located and organized by one organizer are counted as one.
  • Smaller events such as open days, user group meetings, half day workshops, hack camps or meet-ups.

Event types recorded

  • Stand alone conferences, symposiums and summits.
  • Workshops that are not part of a conference and which lasts at least 2 days.

[2] Predefined keywords

Semantic Web, RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL, Linked Data, Linked Open Data.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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