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Gilbane Boston conference report

Webnodes attended the Gilbane Boston conference for the first time this year. In fact it was our first conference ingilbane_boston_webnodes_2011gilbane_boston_webnodes_2011gilbane_boston_webnodes_2011 the US. After having a lot of interest from the US in recent months, and since we got an opportunity to hold a product case study presentation, we decided to give it a try. 

The conference was held at the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel. It’s a nice hotel just 5-10 minutes away from the airport. We arrived on Tuesday evening, with the conference starting the next day.

 The first day started with several keynote presentations. I got to see most of them, but sadly couldn’t attend Scott Liewehr’s keynote. According to tweets, it was one of the best if not the best keynote. Of the keynotes I saw, the keynote ( by the CEO of EndPlay (Dr. Christos M. Cotsakos) was easily the best.

 The main topic of Cotsakos’ presentation was big data. To give some perspective Cotsakos started with some statistics about how much content is generated and how many messages a normal person is bombarded with every day (3000). But Big Data by itself is too big to be useful, so the winners will be those that can turn that volume into value. He then introduced the term “Quantum Content” which is "a function of Big Data and its granularity, complexity, and connectivity." While the overall presentation was a good one, and the point that big data is all about getting value from the huge amounts of data is something I agree with, I’m not sold on the idea of Quantum Content.

Of the regular presentations we didn’t have time to go to that many of them, as we always wanted to be one or two people at the booth. But we managed to go to a few. Of those we attended, the presentation on Content Migration by Deane Barker was very good. I’ve been a fan of Deane’s writings on content management for a long time, but the presentation was equally good.

Ole Gulbrandsen, our CTO, held a product case study presentation on Thursday titled "The value of structured data". It got a very good reception from the audience, and many of the people watching the presentation came to see us afterwards. We have published the slides and a screen cast of the same presentation. You can see or download them here.

We talked to and demonstrated Webnodes CMS to quite a few people during the conference. A lot of people seemed to be interested in the benefits of structured data and the semantic web in a CMS. We were also very fortunate that big data and similar topics were hot at the conference. Our message tied neatly into that.

The conference itself was very nicely organized. Everything from registration to booth setup and food was very good.

We’re hoping to attend next year as well.

Posted by: Vidar Langberget
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by Scott Liewehr
12/7/2011 - 5:43 PM

Hey guys, thanks for this write-up, and for the quick shout-out. Sorry you missed my keynote. As per the format, it was only 15 mins, so happy to replay it for you. You can also find the slides at the link below, although I provided some context for each, so read at your own risk. Thanks for attending. I think some of your the aspects of your product are really interesting, specifically your integration with and the capabilities around that. Would love to hear more. Reach me at my address above and let's chat!

Here's are my slides, David Letterman-style:

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