Getting started

This chapter shows you how to get started with Webnodes CMS


To edit a Webnodes site you need only a web browser and basic computer skills. 

On writing for web

Before you start to create content for your website please be sure to have read this section on how to write for web. People tend to skim-read content on web so make sure your content is more to the point and easily readable in comparison to text that is written for printed media.

  • Check that your tense or style of writing is consistent with the rest of the site.
  • Test your links.
  • Spellcheck before you publish.
  • Check that content formatting is consistent with other pages.
  • Think of words that readers may use to find your page. (Write using the reader's language)  
  • Use paragraphs to provide space that will make the text more readable.
  • Use bullet or numbered lists for readability. 
  • Put the most important information at the top.