Forums are one of the most important parts of most community sites. It is also one of the oldest "forms" of user generated content on the web. A successful forum provides your site with a stickiness factor that can provide invaluable.


  • Flexible design through templated controls
  • Filter unwanted html tags and attributes from forum messages
  • Quick to set up and customize
  • Lock threads
  • Sticky threads
  • Attachments
  • Forum access is regulated by the powerful membership system that powers the rest of WAF. 
  • Possible to set up so that only a specific user group can create new threads in a forum, but everyone or another group can post replies.
  • Email notifications on new posts to a thread 
  • Customize email content
  • Member ranks based on the number of posts in the forum - give your most active users a chance to distinguish themselves from the rest.