Examine links

Use the Examine links feature to see relations to other items

The 'Examine links'-button is located besides the title in the content item editor. Click the button to open the Content links dialog.

content editor examine linkscontent editor examine links

This dialog shows what other items are linked to this item. You can here click on nodes to see further relations.

Hover mouse over relations (arrows) to see the relation type.

Hover mouse over nodes to see information suhch as Node Id and content type class. 

Description of buttons

Button title Description
Open Opens the selected node in the edit interface
Open in module If this node is associated with a specific module it will open it in the designated module 
Open in window Opens the item in a new dialog window.
+ depth Increases the number of maximum node relation hops.  
- depth Decreases the number of maximum node relation hops. 
Ok Close dialog