Webnodes E-commerce is a proven e-commerce solution for both B2B and B2C e-commerce sites

Customize to your needs

Webnodes E-commerce has been designed from the start to be as customizable as possible, in order to tailor each installation to the needs of the owners. This allows it to work with your existing processes and technology.

The key to the flexibility of the e-commerce solution is the pluggable architecture. This allows you to pick and choose to create a solution exactly for your needs. By changing one or several of the default providers and components, the functionality and possibilities are extended. 


For all types of e-commerce

The e-commerce module is designed to be scalable, in the sense that it is suitable for companies with simple e-commerce needs, as well as those with e-commerce operations that require lots of integrations, custom plugins and lots of products. 

The out-of-the-box e-commerce setup is fairly standard, and can be up and running very quickly. More complex sites can customize using plugins and providers for the business layer described above, or extend the content model in the e-commerce solution. You can add as many new properties and relations to the e-commerce content classes that you require:


User friendly

The e-commerce solution uses the same user-interface components used in Webnodes CMS, so you get the same user friendly interface to edit and create your e-commerce content.

Existing users of Webnodes CMS will be productive withing minutes.


Utilize modern web technologies

There are no restrictions on design and you have total freedom on how you implement the design. 

The Webnodes Shoe Store demo site that you can freely download and use as the basis for an e-commerce shop demonstrates how you can use some of the hottest technologies on the market to develop e-commerce offerings on top of our solution. 

The demo site uses technologies such as SignalR, Handlebar.js and History.js as an example of the freedom that implementers have when using Webnodes.



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