WEM – marketing buzzword or WCM 2.0?

In the last few months WEM, or Web Experience (some also say Engagement) Management, has been THE buzzword in the WCM market. Not only has it sparked a lot of discussion, but a lot of the biggest players in the market have realigned their entire marketing efforts to fit with this new term. Products have even been renamed to make them appear to be designed for WEM.

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Posted by: Vidar Langberget   |    9/7/2010    |   Number of comments: 0
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The Slashdot effect

The blogpost we posted last week got listed on the frontpage of, and it resulted in fairly heavy traffic during the weekend. Take a look at the graph below to see..

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Posted by: Vidar Langberget   |    5/25/2010    |   Number of comments: 4

A total rewrite: costly, time-consuming, but worth it?

Joel Spolsky wrote a famous blog post back in 2000 called "Things You Should Never Do, Part I", where he wrote the following: ".. the single worst strategic mistake that any software company can make: They decided to rewrite the code from scratch." We chose to do that. Read on to learn why we chose that route.

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Welcome to

Welcome to the launch of the new We've been working on it for quite some time, so we're very interested in feedback. If you find any bugs or rendering errors, please contact us! The site built using Webnodes CMS, and it's designed by Webscape

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Posted by: Vidar Langberget   |    4/7/2010    |   Number of comments: 3