Access rights

Access rights determine who can do see, edit, publish or delete content in the CMS.


The access rights to content in the CMS is deeply buried in the business layer of the application, and all requests to content in the system are checked to see if the person requesting a file or a webpage has the required access rights for the content in question.

Since this functionality is deeply buried in the system, and is handled automatically by the CMS engine, the application is not dependent on developers remembering to check access rights on every request they handle.

Access rights in WebNodes CMS are done on a number of levels. On the most basic level, you can set if a page requires a visitor to login to see a page. Then you have access rights in the administration and editor interface on several levels. From basic module access  to  the most extreme cases, where you can give one user access to edit one field on one specific document. We have yet to see a situation where we couldn't meet a client requirement with regards to access rights.

Files also have access rights, and access is only granted to those with the required access levels.