Licensing terms

The yearly subscription fee is calculated as 20% of the total license cost at the end of each calendar year.

Software license

All of our licenses are installation licenses valid for one production installation on one Windows installation (virtual or not). One installation may contain one or many sites. The different sites in an installation must be websites for the same company or companies in the same corporate structure.

The exception is enterprise versions, or installations with load balancing that can divided into several server installations or replications.

You are free to set up as many development, staging or test servers that you desire without extra cost.

Subscription fee

All of our commercial licenses include a subscription for the remainder of the current year. 

When the included subscription has expired, it must be renewed in order to continue to receive upgrades to Webnodes CMS and be eligible for technical support. The subscription fee must be prepaid for a year.  

To cancel a running subscription, written notice must be provided to us 3 months before the expiration of the current subscription agreement.